Digital Poetry

Nomad Lingo (2000)

NomadLingo was the first Flash web-work I ever posted online. (Preceded by 1997's html gif work: NomadSoup) NomadLingo was initially hosted by the early net-art site founded by friends Camille Turner and Michael Alstad who were gracious enough to offer me server space before I really knew what a server was or what compression meant. The previous year I had made a gif that was several hundred megabytes.

NomadLingo was Flash-based and to commemorate the grave-yarding of the Flash plug-in, so dear and venerable to so many, I am releasing these screen grabs from the archive before it becomes impossible to play them. Apologies for the hyper-drive audio: all of it done by myself in some mania. Code adopted and adapted from some unknown source. Those were exciting times.

The earth is
just a molecule
in a great
squirted sneeze
of neurotransmitters

Everything is
subtly influenced
by and influencing
this unseen
being whose
synapse we

why continue to hallucinate?
why discontinue to breath?
here begins now, crooked
resiliencies scripted deep in raw gene

the entire world is a dream
a wind prone to expectations
unlocked succulent strobing
idiocies & voluptuous meltdowns

after the demon of self
distortion leaves, there is a
residual imprint, a
ragged torn jagged peak

aching positions which flood
flesh with pain convinced it is
a totality, a unity,
suffused, a survivor

the white house still stands, the wolf
circles yelping on her leash;
the sperm from last night's bed has
dried; and everyone dispersed

please don't leave me
we churn toward essence


'Waves', a Flash poem uploaded January 2000.

NomadLingo in Flash format is here.

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