6 Weird Questions
asked in a Wired Way

Words+Code: glia.ca

Duration: 2:55sec

Released 01.03.2011


who is it who is it who
who runs and burns within the hiding who
who feeds and drinks on the fear of who
who it is who it is who


why is it why is it why
why love the dying why
why fuck the flesh of why
why it is why it is why


how is it how is it how
how right and might hide the cold how
how soft and kill ask the song of how
how it is how it is how


yes i try yes i try yes
yes i try no and i don't try yes
yes to warm and yes to the root of yes
yes to yes to yes


no i won't no i won't no
no i can't no i can't no
no i didn't no i didn't no
no is no is no


so it seems so it seems so
so glad and sad terribly so
so everything and nothing is so
so what so what so what