In February 2011, I subtitled 5/6 parts
of Lech Majewski's masterpiece Wojaczek.

The film is in Polish;
I do not understand any Polish.

But I know the film is a portrait of a suicidal poet,
so, I subtitled what I think the characters said.

The result is a film with two scripts:
spoken polish and written english.

Each part is 15 minutes long.


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In part 1, Wojaczek
tries to suicide twice,
meets his parents,
talks to a wall,
ridicules some soldiers,
and tries out a grave.


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In part 2, Wojaczek
arrives by train,
writes several poems,
fucks a nurse,
and argues with his doctor.


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The lovers (Wojaczek & nurse) visit a church,
he confesses to her and leaves.

He visits his alternate apartment,
prostrates by himself,
watches tv with the horny landlady.

In the bar he pours a drink onto another's head.


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It continues in the bar.

After more self-mutilatory calisthetics
and a flirtatious absinthe purchase,
Wojaczek finds his ultimate alcoholic drinking buddy.

When a bottle breaks,
they lick alcohol and broken glass off the floor.

At the bar, Secret perform
and poets drink their way into oblivionary discourse.


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More drinking and delusional discourse.
Totally trashed they meet a sober famous poet.

The hangover strikes.

Wojaczek waits for a poem,
recites a Berger quotation,
then jumps out a window.

At the hospital, his nurse fucks him.

In the bar,
the band plays,
the impressario counts money.



out of respect for the genius of Majewski
and because I was tired.

watch it without subtitles on youtube


Please visit:

Rafal Wojaczek
Lech Majewski

Completed on 04.24.2011 by Glia.ca



to Janusz for suggesting I watch this film
because in his words:

"I think this is watchable without knowing Polish"