a confession of carnal confusion concerning an absence of cognition.


Intellectual icons invite duplicity.
Honestly, I am confused by Marshall McLuhan.

When I first encountered him as an adolescent,
a primal image in The Medium is the Message
provoked an erotic tension in my teenage body.

Ever since then, McLuhan is a big '...uhm...' for me as eros meets synapses.

& I also find it weird that most humanities scholars
(McLuhan included) are ignorant of the raw technical complexity
of neurology and data plumbing.

There is, it seems, an epidemic of confusion, of containment, of '...uhms...'.

TECHNE (FLASH version notes obsolete circa 2021)

The display of McLu-uhms is rudimentary sensuality.

A video loops.
Sets of texts loop over it...
(fading in and out ever 4 seconds)


Right-click for full-screen.
If you experience enormous impatience, use the left-right arrow keys.



Duration: 3:33 minutes variable loop.

Commissioned & exhibited by Year01 05.11.2011.

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