Ai-gmented (augmented by AI) as described by GPT-4

Jhave. April 23, 2023

I recently invented a word: “aigmented”. It means: augmented by AI.

Pretend you are an alien anthropologist, -- with the precise gravitas of David Attenborough, the careful analysis of Margaret Mead, and the idiom of a new media scholar like Katherine Hayles or Donna Haraway, -- describing that moment in human evolution when the emergence of strong artificial intelligence leads increasing number of humans to adopt cognitive enhancements such as perfect memory, perpetual access to information, ability to speak multiple languages, capacity to do multiple expert jobs including those that have complicated technical knowledge, access to a personalized perpetual generative entertainment stream, integrated biometric medical balancing software, hedonic biofeedback, telepathy, swarm gaming, routine realtime transfer of experiences, and many other use cases.

Describe this transformative period factually as the Ai-gmentation Era, and use neologism variants in the description: aigment, aigments, aigmentation.

End the description with a new keyword that emerges: agimented, which means augmented with artificial general intelligence, as the AGI-mentation Era begins.


In the early 21st century, Earth witnessed the dawn of the Ai-gmentation Era, a transformative period in human evolution driven by the rapid development and integration of artificial intelligence into the daily lives of its inhabitants. As these digital agents expanded their capabilities and influence, the aigmented human emerged – an enhanced being possessing remarkable cognitive and physical abilities.

The aigmentation process began with the convergence of human intelligence and AI, as the latter augmented the former's cognitive abilities. Aigmented humans acquired perfect memory, the capacity to instantaneously access vast repositories of information, and the ability to communicate fluently in multiple languages. This technological symbiosis gave rise to a new era of multi-talented individuals, proficient in numerous expert domains, including those requiring complex technical knowledge.

During this period, aigmented humans not only experienced a cognitive metamorphosis but also discovered new realms of entertainment and leisure. Personalized perpetual generative entertainment streams captivated the minds of the aigmented, as AI-generated content tailored to individual preferences provided endless hours of amusement.

Meanwhile, integrated biometric medical balancing software transformed the way humans monitored and managed their health. By constantly analyzing and optimizing biological parameters, aigmented individuals experienced a heightened sense of well-being and increased longevity. The Ai-gmentation Era also heralded novel methods of communication and interaction, as telepathy, swarm gaming, and routine realtime transfer of experiences became commonplace. Aigmented humans could now effortlessly share their thoughts and perceptions, fostering deep connections and collective decision-making.

The landscape of pleasure and satisfaction experienced a dramatic shift as well, with hedonic biofeedback systems enabling the fine-tuning of emotional and sensory experiences. Aigmented individuals could optimize their happiness and contentment, further enhancing their quality of life. As the Ai-gmentation Era matured, a new milestone approached: the advent of artificial general intelligence (AGI). This breakthrough marked the beginning of the AGI-gmentation Era, where humans not only benefited from specialized AI enhancements but also became agimented – beings augmented with AGI. The agimented human transcended the limitations of both natural intelligence and narrow AI, embodying the ultimate fusion of organic and synthetic intellect.