stand under

stand under is social-synaptic structure emulated in language.

Develop an understanding.
Stand under.
Humility understands.

1 min 47 secs. April 21th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.

Unity Axioms

unity refocalizes precipices.

Aphorisms twin on an edge
that occurs before time

17 secs. April 19th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.

cold light

cold light extrudes softies over the slippery slope of the frozen engine of politics.

Perturbed by the ocean of violence that evolution inhabits within us.

cold lines
of blind meaning
reap war

40 secs. April 4th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.


mime gently mines identity's moist net of perforations.

It is dedicated to an old woman who once told me the artist's task is: "absorbing, absorbing, absorbing"

i copied u today
i impersonated time
style soaker

1 min 17 secs. Feb. 15th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.

i want u: esoteric intrinsic field solid as rain

i want u is a paen to esoteric longing.

Sensuality spirituality, womb and utopia, conjoined.

fallow path knot fertility
direct tangent whim
desire regurgitated clone

52 secs. Feb. 14th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.

impossible peace dream shit

impossible is #2 raw deep crude.

Progenitor TYPOGA: flexible typographic yoga (as performed in full birth beatbox seizure).

Basically just working very swiftly to see what is possible with the Softie software.
No editing; not much thought. Capture; composite; publish.


1 min 30 secs. Feb. 11th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.


flexible is the proto proto of protos. Toddler steps.

Body as mechanism, constraint and contorted playground.

ideologically, i touch my toes to my haircut.
emotionally, i squid around anything.
politics is pudding to me.

1 min 44 secs. Feb. 10th 2009.                   Clik on image to see it.