“Under the heading Concretely Annotated, we processed a variety of standard corpora with multiple popular NLP tool-chains, collected together under a single data schema we have created that we refer to as Concrete.”


“If you’re not, say, a computer scientist or a mathematician, the deeper you get into the esoterica of distributed ledgers, consensus algorithms, hash functions, zero-knowledge proofs, byzantine-fault-tolerance theory, and so on—the farther you travel from the familiar terrain of “the legacy world,” where, one blockchain futurist told me, pityingly, I live—the better the chance you have of bumping up against the limits of your intelligence.”


“I think it’s an attractive idea. I don’t believe in it myself. I think it’s more likely that we “dip into” this realm on our way on a long journey.”

Paris Review – Doris Lessing, The Art of Fiction No. 102

“The whole country has been opened to concessions for mining, sugar cane, palm oil to provide exports. Rivers have been diverted, others are drying up. Access to land and water is denied. The resources are in the hands of a very few people. It is a predatory model of economic development which is penalising the rural poor and does not benefit communities or the common good.”

How Guatemala is sliding into chaos in the fight for land and water | World news | The Guardian

“single-shot characterization of ultrashort pulses”

Single-shot real-time femtosecond imaging of temporal focusing | Light: Science & Applications