“We identified a brain network associated with creative ability comprised of regions within default, salience, and executive systems—neural circuits that often work in opposition. Across four independent datasets, we show that a person’s capacity to generate original ideas can be reliably predicted from the strength of functional connectivity within this network, indicating that creative thinking ability is characterized by a distinct brain connectivity profile.”

Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity

Vector representations of language, from tf-idf to word2vec, have fundamentally changed the way engineers and scholars approach the analysis of the written word. In this talk, I show my evolving practice using these representations not for analysis but instead as raw material for manipulation and generation of textual output. Starting with the analogy of audio/visual signal processing, I explore the affordances of this kind of manipulation for creating unique semantic, syntactic and phonological effects, working toward an experimental poetics of “textual waveforms.”

(via (303) “Experimental Creative Writing with the Vectorized Word” by Allison Parrish – YouTube)


““Clouds are quite universal,” he says. “Everyone can relate to them, but by putting them indoors you kind of change the context. It can become strange or even threatening. They can stand in for the divine, but also for misfortune.””

How This Artist Makes Perfect Clouds Indoors | WIRED

“A clathrate is a chemical substance consisting of a lattice that traps or contains molecules.”

Clathrate compound – Wikipedia

““Rappers wanna be super? Man, they’re in the lowest lane, looking for the booth”.

               Subject = Superman

               Intrigue = Lois Lane

               Summation = Booth”

The Double Entendre. Triangulated. – Society Of Spoken Art Blog