“As for Latour, critique implies the capacity to discover a ‘truer’ understanding of reality, whereas composition addresses immanence, how things come together and the emergence of experience. Central to this paper are works that seek to collaborate with artificial intelligence, and to use it to drift out of rather than to affirm or mimic human agency. This goes beyond techniques such as ‘style transfer’ which is seen to support and encode existing human biases or patterns in data. Collaboration with signifies a recognition of a wider field of what constitutes the activity of artistic composition beyond being a singularly human, or AI, act, where composition can be situated in a system.”

Unconventional Classifiers and Anti-social Machine Intelligences : Digital Culture & Society

“Solvitur ambulando /ˈsɒlvɪtər ˌæmbjʊˈlændoʊ/[1] is a Latin phrase which means “it is solved by walking” and is used to refer to a problem which is solved by a practical experiment.”

Solvitur ambulando – Wikipedia

“The difference between the perplexity of a (language) model and the true perplexity of the language is an indication of the quality of the model.

Why do we use perplexity instead of the entropy?

If we think of perplexity as a branching factor (the weighted average number of choices a random variable has), then that number is easier to understand than the entropy. I found this surprising because I thought there will be more profound reasons. I asked Dr. Zettlemoyer if there is any other reason other than easy interpretability. His answer was “I think that is it! It is largely historical, since lots of other metrics would be reasonable to use also!””

Perplexity Intuition (and Derivation) – Towards Data Science

“A word I hate to use in English is I. It is a melodramatic word. In Chinese, a language less grammatically strict, one can construct a sentence with an implied subject pronoun and skip that embarrassing I, or else replace it with we. Living is not an original business.”

The Case of Yiyun Li | by Rachel Cusk | The New York Review of Books

“Mastodon is completely opposed to Gab’s project and philosophy, which seeks to monetize and platform racist content while hiding behind the banner of free speech. Mastodon remains committed to standing up against hate speech; for example, our new server covenant means we only list servers on joinmastodon.org that are committed to active moderation against racism, sexism and transphobia. The Mastodon community does not approve of their attempt to hijack our infrastructure and has already taken steps to isolate Gab and keep hate speech off the fediverse.”

Statement on Gab’s fork of Mastodon – Official Mastodon Blog