“Created by artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson over the last two decades (1990-2008) as she developed her groundbreaking documentary, !Women Art Revolution, this archive provides the first-person histories of the pioneering individuals who challenged the ways in which women were considered by the reigning art establishment.”

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“By contrast, these strange new handouts were made of static ash, of a nervous kind of soot.They felt brittle, dusty, lifeless. Without the penetrating aroma of naphtha, the dialogic doctrines felt strangely inert. Absent the lurid aniline purple—redolent of both Tyrian splendor and cruel wounds—the blackletter teachings took on a dour formality.”

“Wordnik is billions of words, 300 million example sentences, 4.5 million unique words, and over 177,000 comments, 93,000 tags, 74,000 pronunciations, 21,000 favorites and 22,000 lists created by 27,245 Wordniks.”



Fylkingen’s journal Hz started as a non-virtual journal after its predecessor Fylkingen Bulletin from ’60s. Since 2000, Hz moved to the Internet and has become an Internet journal, one of the few in Sweden. From the second issue in 2003 it also includes Net Gallery, where international Internet art works are presented.