“Within this idea of progression we have a paradoxical
storm that we are simultaneously attempting to avoid.
We all want to be new; newness is what perpetuates
all new ideas.”

Kelly Warman & Tobias Laukemper,”ProgRock” DVD, 5:17 mins

“Much of the novel’s alleged power is embedded in the line, that compulsory author-directed movement from the beginning of a sentence to its period, from the top of the page to the bottom, from the first page to the last. Of course, through print’s long history, there have been countless strategies to counter the line’s power, from marginalia and footnotes to the creative innovations of novelists like Laurence Sterne, James Joyce, Raymond Queneau, Julio Cortazar, Italo Calvino and Milorad Pavic, not to exclude the form’s father, Cervantes himself. But true freedom from the tyranny of the line is perceived as only really possible now at last with the advent of hypertext, written and read on the computer, where the line in fact does not exist unless one invents and implants it in the text.”

“Open the Book, Open the Mind”
July 11-15, 2007
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA