“my scripts are only outlines for what to shoot. At some point the film begins, and my crew and I start on a journey. The journey has a destination but nobody knows the route it’ll take to get there. It’s a process that develops, and there are frequent interruptions because I simply don’t know what to do next.”

Communication #1: Computers, Slavery and Making Art

Jean Piché: “…virtuosity. Not as in pyrotechnics but as in transcendence. The ultimate, and for me desirable, absence of technical reference.” (1997)

After the Fall. 2008. Installation View. Each projection 8′ H x 15′ W.

David Eggleton : “Much fuss is made of the fact that ‘now no-one does a whole lot of reading’ etc. etc. – all people really care about is the movies, even book page editors and reviewers. Poetry carries on, but the new factor in the poetry equation (writer/reader) is the custodial critic/curator / reviewer. Poets are used as counters between warring ideological tribes intent on rehabilitation or demolition.”


adrift in an ideological domain
temperate scavengers
work on notions of imperfect disclosure


“As you write, hold the alt key and click on a word to find a rhyme for it…”


as u write
hold yr breath
until the computer finishes the phrase