“In that modern culture of secondary orality, he [Ong] held, people do not learn language naturally as part of growing up. Instead, he argued, they absorb it from television, compact discs and computer programs.”

New imaging technologies reveal the intricate architecture of the brain, creating a blueprint of its connectivity.

“Diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) … uses magnetic resonance signals to track the movement of water molecules in the brain: water diffuses along the length of neural wires, called axons. Scientists can use these diffusion measurements to map the wires, creating a detailed blueprint of the brain’s connectivity.”

PLoS Biology – Mapping the Structural Core of Human Cerebral Cortex

“The structural core contains brain regions that form the posterior components of the human default network.”

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab.

“Victim of the Brain”
1988 docudrama about “the ideas of Douglas Hofstadter”. Director Piet Hoenderdos.