hedweb sez: “… in the zeroist paradigm, we are all entailed, logically and physically and phenomenologically, by the properties of zero.”

“Das Nichts nichtet”
(“Nothing noths”)
Martin Heidegger

2009 (212): 2 — ScienceNOW

Zelkowitz: “As it currently stands, the wasps need the virus to survive, because the virus helps the insects lay eggs in caterpillars. The virus also needs the wasp to survive, because the virus can only replicate in the wasp’s ovaries. The virus cannot replicate inside the caterpillar, because all of its replication machinery is inside the wasp.”

poetics of value/value of poetics

one sees as well that this Saussurean-Lacanian operation of retroactive realization, this relation between the period and the meaning, is precisely the relation between price and value which circulates uncertainly until it comes to rest in a sale. Price is value’s quilting point.

Fritjof Capra – website