How I Write

“Despite rumors to the contrary, there are many ways in which the human brain isn’t all that fancy.”

“… formal exploration stretched to its limits may lead not just to a dramatization of the means of making art but to the dissolution of such means, and the dissolution of consciousness, too.”

David Denby. Sept. 12.2005. The Moviegoer : The New Yorker

“…consciously perceived words were accompanied by long-lasting effects (>200 ms) across a great variety of cortical sites, with a special involvement of the prefrontal lobes. This sustained pattern of neural activity was characterized by a specific increase of coherence between distant areas, suggesting conscious perception is broadcasted widely across the cortex.”

Gaillard, Raphaël et al. 2009. “Converging Intracranial Markers of Conscious Access.” PLoS Biology 7(3): e61 EP -.