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This new age, they explain, is defined both by the heating trend (whose closest analogue may be the catastrophe known as the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum, 56 million years ago) and by the radical instability expected of future environments. In somber prose, they warn that “the combination of extinctions, global species migrations and the widespread replacement of natural vegetation with agricultural monocultures is producing a distinctive contemporary biostratigraphic signal. These effects are permanent, as future evolution will take place from surviving (and frequently anthropogenically relocated) stocks.” Evolution itself, in other words, has been forced into a new trajectory.

“Our relationships, which once raised us into
the public realm, are being rapidly volatilized,
our infinite access is also a kind of infinite
reservation, and our power for word and deed
is giving way to a power for petrification.”

Read this doc on Scribd: 2007 – The Public Realm

“On the June 17th 2007 our group invaded media and television territory intruded and impeached its trueness as well as its credibility….”

Image of a nuclear explosion broadcast on tv by hactivists.