The Hanging Man 2007
silicon, paint & human hair
140.0 x 50.0 cm

lettering created by Chris Davenport using Nodebox (source code available)

“The goal of the FACETS (Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States) project is to create a theoretical and experimental foundation for the realisation of novel computing paradigms which exploit the concepts experimentally observed in biological nervous systems.”

“… it’s very important that we develop empathic machines, machines that have compassion, machines that understand what you’re feeling. If these robots do become as intelligent as human beings, we want this infrastructure of compassion and empathy to be in place so the machines are prepared to use their intellectual powers for the good of civilization rather than in ways that undermine the stability of civilization. In a way, we’re planting the seeds for the survival of humanity.”

Hanson Robotics