Friends of Orbit Bright – a racistly-white parody site promoting chewing gum and chastity (sex!). Painfully obvious perpetual brand placements. It’s aimed at (post-)tweeners who believe in god but want to get laid.

Outlook Theatre – a car made glamorous through association with video vignettes of a perfect family and immaculate romantic moments. Light fluffy and efficient consumer waltz. It’s aimed at the wife archetype who wishes she could drive away.

UFC66 – an Ultra fighting championship labyrinth full of snarling warriors and big time money. It’s aimed at soldiers, the dispossessed and anyone who needs to fight just to survive. The myth of a champion is needed only by the defeated and oppressed.

Roxik — Masayuki Kido

L’attente, the waiting / Flussgeist 1 (2007) Gregory Chatonsky


“Flaxus is also a collaborative tool that promotes network tasking by allowing the real time creation of a piece amongst various executors connected through the internet.”