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“I enter the online US Army recruiting game, ‘America’s Army’, in order to manually type the name, age, service branch and date of death of each service person who has died to date in Iraq.”

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“By their very nature as a real-time medium,
action video games penalize the player who stops
to reflect. Indeed, no real-time medium—including
film, television, and radio—permits time to reflect
(28). The one communication technology that does
provide time to reflect is the written word…Whereas
reading is associated with reflection, television
is associated with impulsivity…
there is evidence that visual technology
inhibits imaginative response.”

Cage estimates that the game has roughly as much content as five feature films.  “We don’t have ‘game over’ situations,” says Cage. “If you die as one character, you can play through to a different ending with the others. We saw the game as a journey, not like a series of obstacles that you need to go through. The point is for the experience to change when you change your actions.”