CRISPR changed everything. It replaces the DNA-targeting proteins with a short bit of RNA that homes in on desired genes.

“…coinjection of one-cell-stage embryos with Cas9 mRNA and sgRNAs is an efficient and reliable approach for gene-modified cynomolgus monkey generation.”

“black rain” “the destroyer of worlds” … & the long-term health effects of radiation

In contrast with the short-sighted misinformation on Fox:
Nuclear Power Is Extremely Safe — That’s the Truth About What We Learned From Japan

“The only DNA in the cells is the designed synthetic DNA sequence, including “watermark” sequences and other designed gene deletions and polymorphisms, and mutations acquired during the building process. “
— Gibson et al., 10.1126/science.1190719 — Science


“The watermark, Dr Venter says, includes a cipher which contains the URL of a website and three quotations, if you can work out how to decode it. The plaintext part of the watermark brands the bug as Dr Venter’s own, encoding its serial number as JCVI-syn1.0.”

Economist. May 20th

FOXP2 (“forkhead box P2″) is a gene that is implicated in the development of language skills,[1] including grammatical competence.