“Excuse me? It’s ridiculous. All of it. God, Allah, Elohim, Mithras, Zeus, atoms, quarks, the Higgs boson, genes, gravity, germs: all bollocks. All, to put it another way, stories.”

Our situation is this: most of the people in this world believe that the Creator of the universe has written a book. We have the misfortune of having many such books on hand, each making an exclusive claim as to its infallibility. People tend to organize themselves into factions according to which of these incompatible claims they accept rather than on the basis of language, skin color, location of birth, or any other criterion of tribalism. Each of these texts urges its readers to adopt a variety of beliefs and practices, some of which are benign, many of which are not. All are in perverse agreement on one point of fundamental importance, however: respect for other faiths, or for the views of unbelievers, is not an attitude that God endorses.

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“…scriptural violence sanctioned by God can increase agression, especially in believers.”

Bushman, B. J., Ridge, R. D., Das, E., Key, C. W., & Busath, G. M. (in press). When God sanctions killing; Effect of scriptural violence on aggression. Psychological Science


Lewis Fry Richardson’s answer to the question of creative thinking by machines is a circuit diagram, drawn in the late 1920s and published in 1930, illustrating a self-excited, non-deterministic circuit with two semi-stable states, captioned “Electrical Model illustrating a Mind having a Will but capable of only Two Ideas.”