bor • anj | ‘bôrənj; ‘bär- |

1. having the qualities of an inelegant iterative step that works
    but will eventually be replaced by something better.
2. of or like an evolutionary step.
3. having both functional and awkward qualities.

‘boranj’ is a study in the spread of ideas; an experiment in cultural evolution and idea (or meme) penetration.
We want to see if and how a word can spread from nothing into ubiquitous acceptance, so we created ‘boranj.’

Delicate Boundaries

“Delicate Boundaries imagines a space in which the worlds inside our digital devices can move into the physical world. Small bugs made of light, crawl out of the computer screen onto the human bodies that make contact with them. The system explores the subtle boundaries that exist between foreign systems and what it might mean to cross them.”

Benzon: First Person: Neuro-Cognitive Notes on the Self in Life and in Fiction .

“I devote the single largest section of this essay to a detailed account of how a nervous system implements personal pronouns.”