Fylkingen’s journal Hz started as a non-virtual journal after its predecessor Fylkingen Bulletin from ’60s. Since 2000, Hz moved to the Internet and has become an Internet journal, one of the few in Sweden. From the second issue in 2003 it also includes Net Gallery, where international Internet art works are presented.

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“…a journal of critical and theoretical discussions of poetics and Canadian culture, written primarily by Canadian writers and artists.”

“ATOPIA is a virtual archipelago sharing philosophy, literature, arts and politics….ATOPIA is no place. It is literally the non-place which exists only virtually. Just a knot in the net which grants no hold but connects other knots. ATOPIA is nothing more than a weaving loom intertwining heterogeneous strings. There is no preconceived model, the form constantly transforms itself. “


“The computer as confessional, storytelling machine.”