Faust: “So still I seek the force, the reason governing life’s flow; and not just its external show.”
Devil:  “The governing force? The reason? Some things cannot be known; they are beyond your reach even when shown.”
Faust:  “Why should that be so?”
Devil:  “They lie outside the boundaries that words can address; & man can only know those thoughts which language can express.”
Faust: “What? Do you mean that words are greater yet than man?”
Devil: “Indeed they are.”

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The goal of the DARPA GALE program is to develop and apply computer software technologies to absorb, analyze and interpret huge volumes of speech and text in multiple languages. Automatic processing “engines” will convert and distill the data, delivering pertinent, consolidated information in easy-to-understand forms to military personnel and monolingual English-speaking analysts in response to direct or implicit requests.

Poetry interests me above all as a kind of resistence. In the first place because its economy is absolutely aberrant to contemporary logic: an enormous investment (in terms of time and energy), quasi-nil effect and zero profitability. So it’s an act that could only be directed by internal necessity…

David Small

“New visual languages have been created for information display which exploit the computer’s unique ability to render dynamic and three-dimensional typography. These languages demonstrate that the use of three dimensional form, expressive movement, visual focus and layering, in harmony with human perceptual abilities, improve navigation and contextual understanding of complex written documents.”

Small, D. Rethinking The Book. MSC Thesis, MIT 1999.