If he could get a large enough piece of the material to lay over the top of a coffee cup, he says, graphene would be strong enough to support the weight of a car balanced atop the pencil.

Thus primal bodies are solid, without a void.
But since there’s void in all begotten things,
All solid matter must be round the same;


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d3o technology is a specially engineered material with intelligent molecules that flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb impact energy.

The physical fact of language –uttered, inscribed, marked, or frozen in front of our faces in the cold light of bitter days — reminds us that there is no communication without the phatic exchange of substances.

A prophylactic attitude attempts to protect the imagination from direct encounters with the world as the tongue, the hand, the arm, the fist around the pen, the fingers on the keyboard all reach into the heavy flesh of matter and are rewarded by the sensate experience.”

Johanna Drucker in ‘Figuring the Word’ ( 1998, Granary ) p.55