bor • anj | ‘bôrənj; ‘bär- |

1. having the qualities of an inelegant iterative step that works
    but will eventually be replaced by something better.
2. of or like an evolutionary step.
3. having both functional and awkward qualities.

‘boranj’ is a study in the spread of ideas; an experiment in cultural evolution and idea (or meme) penetration.
We want to see if and how a word can spread from nothing into ubiquitous acceptance, so we created ‘boranj.’

Moonmeme: “A word is projected onto the surface of the moon. The meaning of this word is gradually transformed over the 29.5 day lunation period by the relative motions of Moon, Earth and Sun.”

“These visualizations show the top organizations and personalities for every year from 1985 to 2001. Connections between these people & organizations are indicated by lines.

Data is from the newly-released NYTimes Article Search API: “

Civilization knot.

The nature caused by human culture.

“There may even come a moment that our connection with an industrially manufactured coke bottle may be richer and more mythical than our relation with a genetically analyzed and manipulated rabbit in the woods. “


art as species’ signature
culture noise isotope
gooey gui interstallar residue