“One gram of DNA can store 700 terabytes of data.”
August, 2012


flight path


5 years from now

aerial cameras will be so small cheap fast and out of control

they will fly in and out of our houses


10 years from now they will

flick in & out of our mouths


pores, thoughts, lives, memories

flocks of them, mountains of footage,

assembling & distorting in algorithmic heaps


autonomous raw phenomenological data


“Each day in 2009, I asked every person with whom I had a meaningful encounter to submit a record of this meeting through an online survey. These reports form the heart of the 2009 Annual Report. From parents to old friends, to people I met for the first time, to my dentist… any time I felt that someone had discerned enough of my personality and activities, they were given a card with a URL and unique number to record their experience.”