This piece was created by scanning electron microscopy. The lines of the gradually self-reducing anagram poem were printed on a semiconductor device sample of Germanium and Silicon dioxide. The lines of the poem were written by a focus Ga ion beam into the sample. Placed into the microscope, the sequences of images were scanned by electrons at ranges from 400x all the way to 10000x. The first line was taken from the manual of the focused ion beam imaging system.


““We camp, we live wherever, whatever,” he said and snubbed his cigarette out in the ashtray for a very long time. The ocean nearby looked more like a lake, peaceful and flat forever, a gray sheen that spat little wavelets upon the shore and sucked them back out again just as fast” — Scott Johnson, April 2011. Guernica

the head of a maggot

Tornado miniature created with steel wool.

SQUIGGLE motors – miniature piezoelectric micro motors

The SQUIGGLE motor is a revolutionary linear micro motor that sets new benchmarks for small size and big performance. This patented ultrasonic motor creates high force and speed with only a few parts. It replaces complex electromagnetic gearhead motors which have hundreds of parts.