Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of the nanopoem

“…nanopoems are poems written inside the microchip to surprise an engineer while examining the integrated circuit under a microscope…” — SS Prasad in Rampike 20.2

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“DNA can be used as a structural component in the process of making conductive polymers called nanowires.”

water-repellent hairy surfaces

“Most people that publish in this field always go for these perfect structures, and we are the first to show that the bad ones are the better ones,” Sigmund said. “Of course this is a finding in a lab. This is not something you expect from theory.”

A microrobot used at the RoboCup 2009 nanosoccer competition by the team from Switzerland’s ETH Zurich is compared in size to the head of a fruit fly. The robot, which is operated under a microscope, is 300 micrometers in length or slightly larger than a dust mite.

“The process is very simple stuff. Basically you put the solution and DNA into a beaker, stir it around, and expose it to light…”