“it is touch that secures our epistemic grip on reality”

Why you need to touch your keys to believe they’re in your bag | Aeon Ideas

“piRNA biogenesis components regulate precursor mRNA splicing of P-transposable element transcripts in vivo, leading to the production of the non-transposase-encoding mature mRNA isoform in Drosophila germ cells”

piRNA-mediated regulation of transposon alternative splicing in the soma and germ line | Nature

“In DNA origami, a nanostructure is assembled from a very long single-stranded scaffold molecule held in place by many short single-stranded staple oligonucleotides.”

Biotechnological mass production of DNA origami | Nature

“We see strong evidence of the quasar’s Lyα emission line being absorbed by a Gunn–Peterson damping wing from the intergalactic medium, as would be expected if the intergalactic hydrogen surrounding J1342+0928 is significantly neutral.”

An 800-million-solar-mass black hole in a significantly neutral Universe at a redshift of 7.5 | Nature

“achieving any given global temperature stabilization target will require steeper greenhouse gas emissions reductions than previously calculated”

Greater future global warming inferred from Earth’s recent energy budget | Nature