“The concept of poem as an open diagram, when it incorporates the notions of plurality, interrelationship and reciprocity of codes, not only guarantees the viability of poetry in a society subject to constant technological revolutions, but places it in a privileged position -> that of an universal progressive poetry (as Schlegel foresaw) or simply: poiesis (from greek = creation, making).”

1988 — Karl Sims — Particle Dreams

Barbara Kruger

Kemeny Babineau

The late sixties and early seventies saw Suknaski produce work for at least ten concrete poetry chapbooks (including two anthologies) while publishing many titles by others (Dennis Lee, Stephen Scobie, bp Nichol, Earle Birney, and Sid Marty, to name a few) as well with his own Elfin Plot Press. He floated poems and magazines rolled up in Al Purdy’s cigar tubes down the North Saskatchewan River. He folded an issue of Elfin Plot into paper airplanes and had them dropped from an aircraft flying north out of Edmonton. He buried others on mountaintops, or left them on beaches melted into tablet-like candles abandoned for strangers: something to light them home. It was undoubtedly actions like these that prompted Douglas Barbour’s wry comment that Elfin Plot was “the most underground of underground magazines.” The output during this time was frenetic, sprawling, brilliant, compulsive and voluminous, especially considering his transitory lifestyle and constant poverty.

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Peace Pilgrim, An Extraordinary Life

Her Steps are succinct and practical and

are not to be taken in any certain order. The first step for one may be the last step for another. So just take whatever steps seem easiest for you and as you take a few steps it will become easier for you to take a few more (Peace Pilgrim, 1982, p.9).

There are four preparations:

* right attitude toward life.
* bringing our lives into harmony with the laws that govern this universe.
* finding one’s special place in the universe through inner guidance.
* simplification of life.

There are four purifications:

* of body
* of thoughts
* of desires
* of motivations

There are four relinquishments:

* of self-will
* of the feeling of separateness
* of all attachments
* of all negative feelings (pp.9-20)

Peace gives further advice: “The path of gradual relinquishment…is a difficult path, for only when relinquishment is complete do the rewards really come. The path of quick relinquishments is an easy path, for it brings immediate blessings.” (p.21)