“In the author’s view, the projection of words into space is “the ultimate stage of writing”, the affirmation of presence within language… images [...] form an integral part of a construction in the architectural sense of the word … The exploration of the limits of meaning, the creation of semantic halos, the frequently jagged syntax attempt to render the slight fuzziness of perception as it captures reality … likes to explore genre transgression.”

Space Invaders n. pl. A nickname given to the transposons responsible for injecting reptilian and amphibian DNA into mammalian genomes 15 to 46 million years ago. We have good reason to dread the return of the virus-borne gene reprogrammers—their first appearance coincided with mass extinctions.”

conceptual work

Dead Star. Batteries, urethane, polystyrene. 2009.

Off FVA 2009 — Sortir de l’écran

MoMA.org | The Collection | Inasmuch As It Is Always Already Taking Place. 1990