“M1 explores the cusp between visible and invisible performance, between scripted and chance events and emergent social patterns.

M1 can be performed by anyone, anywhere. The first iteration of M1 by sponge took place at Tressider Plaza, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Califonia during the spring of 1997.

M1 is a barely perceptible anomaly that does not emerge into the visible during one cycle of viewing. It makes a slow and cumulative imprint.”

Working Papers in Art and Design

adi da

AVATAR ADI DA SAMRAJ: There is a fundamental fear of being without a world. You are constantly servicing the impulse to always have a world and also to have that world be basically comfortable.

That impulse underlies all forms of “cosmic religion” — or the religion of preserving beings in the cosmic domain, of granting everybody a world and making the world more and more congenial by at least getting rid of darker influences.

The “Perfect Practice” of the Way of Adidam, however, is not about “having a world”. It is about entering into the Domain That Is Prior to the cosmic domain.

People generally do not have the disposition for such a practice. As long as there is identification with the body-mind, you do not want there to be no world. In fact, you insist that there be a world — and that it be congenial to you. Therefore, you will not relinquish your world.

In other words, you will not accept the Position you are actually in, the Position That Transcends the conditional (or cosmic) domain, until your craven attachment to the body-mind (and, therefore, to having a world that is congenial) relaxes profoundly, such that you know the world for what it is and (thereby) realize a native detachment.

Then the “Perfect Practice” can begin.

— May 19 and May 7, 1995