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Antic View: October 2006 : Patent Pending : Allen Bramhall :

An electronic poetics has a sexual innuendo and has a poetry-sensitive “rhyme scheme” surrounding the sexual innuendo. Areas on the “rhyme scheme” are designated for controls used to operate the electronic poetics.

Shane Brennan — States

“States is a set of 200 words drawn from scientific and corporate language. Organized into separate, randomly shuffled columns, these word sets combine to produce over 6.2 million potential phrases (or “states”) suggestive of planetary changes either reflective of, or causally related to, human intervention in the climate.”


Wordie [wûrd • ē] Like Flickr, but without the photos.

“Semantic Nets” were first invented for computers by Richard H. Richens of the Cambridge Language Research Unit in 1956 as an “interlingua” for machine translation of natural languages.