The goal of the DARPA GALE program is to develop and apply computer software technologies to absorb, analyze and interpret huge volumes of speech and text in multiple languages. Automatic processing “engines” will convert and distill the data, delivering pertinent, consolidated information in easy-to-understand forms to military personnel and monolingual English-speaking analysts in response to direct or implicit requests.

If he could get a large enough piece of the material to lay over the top of a coffee cup, he says, graphene would be strong enough to support the weight of a car balanced atop the pencil.

Flash Video Technology – Blog Ing. Fabio Sonnati 2007

I use a mix of Ffmpeg, x264, Mencoder and Nero AAC. Here some parameters used:
5 reference frames, 5 B-frames, authomatic B-Frames, B-pyramid enabled, adaptive macroblock type, advanced Trellis on, Subq=7, advanced exagon search, deblocking filter with custom alpha e beta parameter, three pass encoding..

Example : clip from Sigur Ros’ Hemia

Noxious Sector, in collaboration with Deluge Contemporary Art, is proud to host the 2008 World Telekinesis Competition — a first of its kind event, in which teams from around the world will compete to psychically influence the behavior of a candle. Players are not expected to be physically present during competition, but rather will compete remotely from their home locations around the world. The World Telekinesis Competition is an open event, and all teams who satisfy the submission requirements will be included in the competition. Please consult the schedule for match times and results. Team profiles will be posted in accordance with registration policy. Please consult the Call for Participation for further details.


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