“chronotext is a growing collection of software experiments

exploring the relation between text, space and time”

“Why should text move or change? We see at least five reasons: to convey information that itself is changing, to pace the observer, to save “real-estate”, to amplify, and to be attention getting.”

Nicholas Negroponte, Richard Bolt and Muriel Cooper. Books without Pages. Proposal from the Architecture Machine Group, MIT to the Office of Information, Science and Technology, NSF. Collection of David Small[MSc Thesis 1999, "Rethinking the Book", p.24]. 1978.

Micahel Denhoff : Textbilder

“Text becomes picture.”

Barbara Kruger

Bowen: “All the images have one thing in common: they are created with typographical symbols and they function both as pictures and as texts. Ultimately for me they are virtual images of virtual things.”
[Source: Wands, B. (2006). Art of the Digital Age. London: Thames & Hudson. ]