“Transform the traditional dissertation. In the arts and humanities, where looming cutbacks will be most devastating, there is no longer a market for books modeled on the medieval dissertation, with more footnotes than text. As financial pressures on university presses continue to mount, publication of dissertations, and with it scholarly certification, is almost impossible. (The average university press print run of a dissertation that has been converted into a book is less than 500, and sales are usually considerably lower.) For many years, I have taught undergraduate courses in which students do not write traditional papers but develop analytic treatments in formats from hypertext and Web sites to films and video games. Graduate students should likewise be encouraged to produce “theses” in alternative formats.” (Mark C. Taylor. April 26, 2009)

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Tom Montag:

“Metaphor can take you places you never imagined you’d go. Metaphor and a little snatch of narrative. A hot bowl of soup. A crust of dark bread. Go.”

Claudia Keelan:

“We have to change our language for our culture to become a better one…I really strongly believe in the notion of Negative Capability that Keats spoke of. The poet can have no identity. A poet has to be constantly filling in for other things…For the I to become the you.”

A R Ammons

“not so much looking for the shape
as being available
to any shape that may be
summoning itself
through me
from the self not mine but ours.”

This conjunction of poets courtesy of William Stobb’s erudite congenial and poignant podcast “It’s Hard To Say”