“We are trained from an early age that mathematics and language are two discrete worlds. The Inkas, however, collapsed them into a three-dimensional construct – an achievement of civilisational complexity in the form of narrative cords.”

The khipu code: the knotty mystery of the Inkas’ 3D records | Aeon Ideas

“Humans have culled, and in some cases eradicated, wild mammals for food or pleasure in virtually all continents.”

Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study | Environment | The Guardian

“A pion is charged and can be steered into a beam. When a pion decays, it will produce a neutrino that travels in roughly the same direction (positively charged pions produce neutrinos when they decay; negatively charged ones produce antineutrinos). These can be sent to detectors that are hundreds of kilometers away, since the beam will travel through the Earth without many of its neutrinos interacting with anything. At long distances, the neutrinos have enough time to shift to a new identity, allowing us to study flavor oscillations.”

Weird neutrino excess won’t go away, hints at new physics | Ars Technica

“user interface (front end, using React) and technical architecture (backend, relying on Python and Docker).”

Collect, Curate, and Share your Archives with Latest Webrecorder Release | Rhizome

“I have listened to every episode, and it is so bad.”

Dennis Miller’s new podcast is an incoherent marvel | The Outline