“Generate was broken for QRNN as QRNN didn’t flush their previously stored X, resulting in diff batch sizes, hence angry concat dimensions.”

Generate was broken for QRNN as QRNN didn’t flush their previously st… · salesforce/awd-lstm-lm@9c62358

“Excitons are bosons that have been predicted to condense into either a superfluid or an insulating electronic crystal.”

Signatures of exciton condensation in a transition metal dichalcogenide | Science

“Identity today is not what it was even twenty years ago. It pops up as autofill suggestions in drop-down menus. It is intensified by punitive quantification, by viral lynch mobs, material deprivation, browser memory. Traditional identities ran on race, class, gender, plain loyalty, money, or memory. Contemporary ones add proprietary operating systems to this mix. How is your newsfeed organized?”

Editorial—“Strange Universalism” – Journal #86 November 2017 – e-flux

“it is touch that secures our epistemic grip on reality”

Why you need to touch your keys to believe they’re in your bag | Aeon Ideas

“piRNA biogenesis components regulate precursor mRNA splicing of P-transposable element transcripts in vivo, leading to the production of the non-transposase-encoding mature mRNA isoform in Drosophila germ cells”

piRNA-mediated regulation of transposon alternative splicing in the soma and germ line | Nature