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unfinish! investigates artistic processes that are open to change and reversal of decisions.
unfinish! is the battle cry and the curse of digital work that knows no conclusion, but only consecutive versions. A paradigm of digital culture?

Are you ready to unfinish your world?

transmediale.07 / Keynote: Stelarc

An ear has been surgically constructed on his arm. The intention with this soft prosthesis is to wirelessly connect it to the internet to enable it to become a listening device for remote others. Stelarc considers the ear prosthesis not as a sign of physical malfunction, but rather as a symbol for an additional feature – not a sign of loss but rather a symptom of excess. Thus he tries to amplify the forms and functions of the human body, exposing its obsolescence and producing a human-machine-hybrid which questions the notion of the architecture, engineering and operation of the human body.