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“Our goal is to seek ways to extend human senses, cognition, and health in the same ways that cellular phone and internet enlarged human communication capabilities, knowledge and information retrieval.”

“Using the protein regulator of G protein signaling–14 (RGS-14) as a tool, we found that the expression of this protein into layer 6 neurons of rat-brain area V2 promoted the conversion of a normal short-term ORM that normally lasts for 45 minutes into long-term memory detectable even after many months.”

Role of Layer 6 of V2 Visual Cortex in Object-Recognition Memory — López-Aranda et al. 325 (5936): 87 — Science


Me/We, 2002, Neonlogo, Straßenlampe,

Foto Matthias Herrmann

Neuron : Cortex in Reading :Visual Word Focus Area

“Surgery removed a small portion of word-responsive occipitotemporal cortex overlapping with the word-specific fMRI activation. The patient developed a marked reading deficit, while recognition of other visual categories remained intact. Furthermore, in the post-surgery fMRI map of visual cortex, only word-specific activations disappeared. Altogether, these results provide direct evidence for the causal role of the left occipitotemporal cortex in the recognition of visual words.”