Another kaleidoscope poem. A concise epistle about the perils, rewards and disappointments of consumerist mysticism.

Using the extraordinary open-source classes of Five3D and the always helpful Tweener to subtly mobilize (with mild randomness and some mouse-sensitivity) individual phrases (launched by clicking anywhere) of a subset of a poem i wrote today over another set of 17 brief videos (cheap sponges, dandruff shampoo, shaving soap, orange juice and aloe vera) all filmed in my toilet with the optio wp30 over last few days.

Sounds are from the 220watt heater in my temporary office space which emits an overtone. 3 manipulated sonic files are slowly loaded and looped asynchronously and intertwined with a phase offset dictated by network conditions. Steve Reich controlled by packets.

consumer mystic —

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE is here (includes video and sound)

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