Last week, I filled up an ice cube tray with ice cream, lemon-grass, curry paste, skin lotion, pennies, mayonaisse, dijon mustard, lettuce, and 2 different kinds of exotic jelly. After everything had frozen I had a bath with the cubes. I filmed the dissolution of those temporary universes under the warm bath water. (The results are visible in the first video kaleidoscope post)

Before my bath I took a photo of the ice cube tray filled with diverse and sundry bits of frozen fridge crud. Tonite I converted that documentation image into interface. A metaphor for the soul that transmigrates into contemplation of neurotic repression. Three phrases are attached to each cube. A different phrase revealed each rollover. Our brains reveal and hide information in flows that to our conscious ego resemble frozen cycles. Thus, “Tray: an isolation report” is a study of how trauma manifests as alienating behavior and creates a reinforcement cycle, just as the water in the ice cube tray congeals into slushy crystals that eventually solidify.

Tray : isolation report -demo

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE is here

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