Yet another kaleidoscope video thing. Still experimenting with absence of text formatting. Trying to work without fancy tricks, tween, blurs, morphs, synchs, 3d rolls, etc… Just the text and the video (or just the video…) : descend slowly reverently toward the languid pace of poetry past, mildly ponderous, somewhat quiet and vulnerable.

Doesn’t quite work yet. Too simple, no pacing, no surprise. Next step: physicalize the letters (* suggested by Chris Salter ) somehow.

me - screen grabbed narcisstic dust negativity

click on image to VIEW DEMO



New feature: capacity to hide/show text. Right-mouse button: context menu ‘HIDE text’


hide show text using context menu


Dissect it : SOURCE CODE withOUT videos or SOURCE CODE + videos(warning — as always this is severely crufty code, if i had any pride as a programmer i wld hide it; but it might help someone somewhere do something sometime. so i offer it as is)

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