Well its been a long time since I had a bath with dolls. But finding a few filthy antique kid’s toys in a garbage heap inspired me. There are no limits to the fun indignities that the artistic impulse might yield.

dolls pee

click on image to VIEW DEMO


New feature: capacity to display video as ‘SINGLE’, ‘DOUBLE’, or ‘KALEIDOSCOPE’. Right-mouse button: context menu to access this capacity. And it can be used in conjunction with ‘HIDE text’. The active option is disabled. So that if the video is single and text is visible those categories are in grey (as in example screen shot below).

new functionality — hide/show text and single, double or kaleidoscope video


Dissect it : SOURCE CODE or SOURCE CODE + videos ( Warning yet again — as always this is severely crufty code, full of vestigial bits, extraneous functions and other bizarre futile bits of confusing uncommented crap. I offer it as is)

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