Now there’s nothing astounding about today’s test, just a memory to keep in case I ever get drafted into a day job doing transitions on a kid’s show.

Remember: bouncy glow!

Tools: an orange, a chopstick, a bathtub, and a few letters designed to be cufflinks.

Orange — Phyicalized letters 2

click on image to VIEW DEMO

Navigation note: As always, use right-mouse button: context menu to access capacity to display video as ‘SINGLE’, ‘DOUBLE’, or ‘KALEIDOSCOPE’. And it can be used in conjunction with ‘HIDE text’ and ‘FULL screen’. (The active option is disabled. So that if the video is single and text is visible those categories are in grey)

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos ( The code today is again slightly less crufty. But still far below corporate standards of gleaming standardization.)

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