So I managed to convince a few friends and a neighbor to stick their mouths in the sink and make bubbles. Built a soundtrack from their huffing breath beating against the water. Converted the single mouth video into a massive mouth doubled. And made it into internet drool.

Technically: the video is slowed to half-speed for purely aesthetic reasons; exported at a 30fps compression, its played at 15fps in order to allow the eye to recognize the volatile bubble field. (Thanks again to Sophie for suggesting this design change).

Mouths emerged from perforations in mind. Eating seeing touching and being, all-in-one. I am what you’ve eaten. You are what I’ve eaten. All eaters will be eaten. The voracious universe innoculates us against caring. Our turn will come: to be fed, to be food. We drown in tiny nourishments. Drenched in words and food. Wombs in each mouth. Knowledge in every morsel. Tongues making time. Appetites creating space.

I will probably expand on this experiment in the coming weeks: add a voiceover, compose a real soundtrack, film more mouths, and focalize the rhythm. In other words, it is a seed.

mouthy — screengrab

click on image to VIEW DEMO

Navigation note: As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’. I disabled the kaleidoscope option cause its kitschy but will have a central archive of all videos online soon with that capacity.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound or SOURCE CODE ( Note: Today’s code is even less crufty than previous version’s (so bloated with vestigial fragments): it approaches the mild leanness of a non-chaotic mind.)

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