I’ve never seen a Gary Hill installation. Except for a 30 second clip of Incidence of Catastrophe” online. But I am reading Gary Hill: Language Willing a book prepared in conjunction with an exhibit that toured Idaho, Arizona, Washington and Utah in 2003-5 .

Hill makes “experiential video”(p49) installations incorporating language. The compositions are formal, precise and visceral, performative and somehow clinically analytic. (Or at least this is what I glean from readings and the tiny clip)

The rental fees for screening are normative (i guess) for an arts archive, but a little bit more than i’d be prepared to pay as a solo citizen. The image below comes from the menu pricelist at Electronic Arts Intermix

rental fees for hill video

So for the plebes (like myself) uninfected by a glimpse of Hill’s work, I offer this week’s sketch, another rough attempt to physicalize the letters: scratch mix wet paper print. I will reshoot this stuff and somehow incorporate it into the final mashup but the sketch offers a rough sense of its potential.

homage - screenshot

click on image to VIEW DEMO

Navigation note: As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’. I disabled the kaleidoscope option cause its kitschy but will have a central archive of all videos online soon with that capacity.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound or SOURCE CODE ( Code note: The cruft alert is still but its threat is approaching marginal.)



Hill, Gary, and Boise Art Museum. 2002. Gary Hill: Language Willing. Barrytown, NY: further/art in association with Boise ArtMuseum.

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