You look deep into Things even as they itch, burn and bleed their way into You.
Then Things are inside You, looking out, open to comprehend why Is is.
But Things have lost their knowledge of Things, and now Is is lost.
And until Is is aware of itself all Things seem strange.

eyes — phenomena

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Navigation note: As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound or SOURCE CODE ( Code note: The cruft alert is moderate with hints of absolute bullshit.)



The text interactivity and style is stolen from myself who stole it from others: Raygun and YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES(YHCHI) among others, and any major corporate, political or philosophical school that has wanted to brand themselves .


Basic billboard pronouncement design style: bottom of the image, all caps. The only difference between this and print or the page is that it can change. The words are drawn from a list, the list’s been split into an array of words. The array is randomized by touch, words change; and it stops changing when you click the words or move away. I cut and paste the code from my earlier philosophy class essay.

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