Well, the other evening I just got an impulse to fill the big sink with transparent jello, a box of agar-agar, and a few packets of gelatin. Stirred it up and let it sit for a few hours until its surface responded to caresses with tiny palpitations. When asked (by Sophie) what I was going to film, I responded irritably and honestly: “No idea.”

The artistic process for me is similar to being led blind by an inexorable and impulsive guide through a vast darkness. The guide occasionally gives me matches to illuminate my localized region, but often disappears, leaving me in absolute darkness. During the guide’s absence, I stand there mute and impotent, helpless to move, paralyzed by my lack of perception. Eventually, the guide in the guise of inspiration reappears inside my body and suggests something. The suggestions often seem vaguely ludicrous (Example: “Fill thy sink with jello and wait“), are offered with no rationalization, insufficiently contextualized, can appear sorta insane and have no theoretical foundation. Yet, the suggestions all occur with a very recognizable autonomic effect: my skin tingles mildly, the idea has a strange resonant signature that is both calm and clear. I guess that similar things must happen to mystics or schizophrenics.

And thus Pulpy was born … (18 brief videos of disintegrating doodles done on scrap paper misprints… Running time: approx: 11 minutes.)


click on image to VIEW DEMO

Navigation note: It has no interactivity. New verse/lines are triggered as the video finishes loading into buffer. As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (94mgb) or just the Flash 9 SOURCE CODE ( Code note: The cruft alert continues to be quite strong. I noted today that even my php code (for listing the video file names) throws an off-by-one warning error. It works but it squawks and I don’t feel like fixing it; in fact it inspires affection. I am in love with things that work but throw warnings. Thats the sort of code that corresponds for me to a real vivid true picture of our contingent and flawed world, thats the sort of code that approximates the human condition.)



The soundtrack was cooked up through Ableton’s Operator. I bought the educational suite of tools and have been addicted to it for the last few days. Twiddling virtual knobs to arrive at gleaming glitch.  call the soundtrack SInewy.



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