When things are just too beautiful, it’s appropriate to make sure they get just a little scuffed. Consider it an egalitarian instinct. This is residual footage from last week that I had no idea what to do with. It resembles the body. It was made by making large deep slices laterally in my thigh and inserting a fibroptic camera directly into an artery. Filming stopped when blood-loss led to lack of consciousness.

Flesh … (8 brief videos of flesh like interiorities. One knob-tech soundtrack. Running time: approx: 8 minutes.)

flesh - screenshot

Lick on image to VIEW DEMO

Navigation note: It has no interactivity. New title is shuffled into place every second. As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (67mgb) or just the Flash 9 SOURCE CODE ( Code note: The cruft alert is mild today. I amputated one morsel of vestigal code.)



The soundtrack was cooked up through Ableton’s Operator while I was doing the tutorials, before I had bought the software, so save functionality was not enabled, and it was recorded from headphones onto my recorder. That explains the mild white hiss and the totally crass punk way it ends with a button click. The antithesis of smooth.



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