This is a one-off variant on the same model as (the superior) Pulpy sketch (Note: If you don’t have time to waste, don’t bother watching this one, I just put it up here because I am documenting experimentation. Watch Pulpy instead).

I have no idea why its named Prushour (an amlagamation of Pressure and Rush-Hour) but maybe its due to the soundtrak which is a bit agitated and frenzied; maybe its dues to cascading chain of deadlines and demands that psuedo-civilized life entails. The words are as usual coming from an array of strings (written in a quick non-linear glaze) that are fired to change as the video changes. If you get impatient simply clik anywhere and the phrase will change, and when buffering succeeds video will cross-fade.

Prushour … (17 brief videos of bubbles adhering to hair. 16 phrases… Running time: approx: 2-5 minutes depending on yr impatience level.)

prushour - screenshot

click on image to VIEW DEMO

Navigation note: Limited interactivity. New verse/lines are triggered by mouse cliks anywhere, but are also triggered as the video finishes loading into buffer. Not an optimum solution (since phrases recently changed by mouse cliking may be swapped out), so the next design twitch will include a gate to verify if the phrase has been stable for long enough to ensure readability. Trying not to piss off the tiny readership! As always, use right-mouse button to go ‘FULL screen’.

Dissect it : SOURCE CODE + videos + sound (63 mgb) or just the Flash 9 SOURCE CODE ( Code note: The cruft alert is same as always somewhere between severe and moderate.)



And as usual the soundtrack was cooked up through Ableton’s Operator. Drawing the beat variations into the midi panel live is quite fun, and digital quantization compensates for my flaws as a drummer; while knob twiddling the oscillators and moving the ping-pong delay feedback within a delicate little terrain allows the rhythm to encompass polyrhythmic structures while migrating from string to solid percussive instrument.


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